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Admission Form

1. Please fill in your information.
2. Upon finishing, click SAVE then the registration form will pop up in a new window (please deactivate the pop-up blocker). Print the form.
3. Take this form to the administration staff of the school of your preference along with the following documents.
1 copyBirth CertificatePhotocopy and original to be shown
1 copyFamily CardPhotocopy and original to be shown
1 copyPassportPhotocopy, for Y.10 student candidate
1 copySchool Report CardPhotocopy, previous 2 years
2 copiesColor PhotoSize 2 x 3
1 copyColor PhotoSize 3 x 4
Student's Information
Full Name :
Nick Name :
Place of birth :
Date of birth :
Religion :
Child Status
Birth Order : Out of brother
Citizenship :
Language spoken at home :
Child health
Does your child have a disease / conditions that require special attention?
If you answered "Yes", please specify:
Blood Type :
Body Height (cm) :  
Body Weight (kg) :  
Full Address :
Zip Code :  
Phone :
Sign up on the Level and Class
Achievement :

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